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Reduce Gridlock

We CAN Fix It

A new generation of Personal Rapid Transit systems is available to help solve LA Gridlock at an affordable price. And the benefits don't stop there.

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Best of Both

Perfect Choice

Personal Rapid Transit systems bring the privacy and mobility of a car with the speed and affordability of mass transit. It's mass transit that acts like a private vehicle.

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Costs Less

Cheaper To Build

PRT is up to 70% cheaper to build than other transit systems thereby saving the taxpayers money. Cost savings can be repurposed to serve other transit needs.

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What is PRT?

PRT stands for Personal Rapid Transit. PRT is public a transport mode featuring small automated vehicles operating on a network on specially built guideways.


VIDEOS of PRT systems that are currently in existence along with new systems coming online. PRT is already a feasible solution to today's mass transit problems.

Get PRT in Your City

If you're excited to have PRT come to Los Angeles, make sure to SIGN THE PETITION and let our leaders know we want PRT as an part of our mass transit system.

Latest Projects

  • PRT System Comparison
    PRT System Comparison

    Here is a comparison of the some of the different PRT Systems offered by various vendors....

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  • SkyTran in Israel
    SkyTran in Israel

    After years of groundbreaking R&D and perfecting its proprietary technology, in June 2014, skyTran partnered with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), an aerospace company headquartered in Lod, Israel for the construction...

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  • Dubai

    Dubai is set to have a new mode of public transport — high-tech podcars — in the next couple of years, a senior official announced at a conference...

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    West Virginia University’s Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system will be undergoing some modernization improvements this summer. In an effort to achieve the necessary PRT system upgrades, it will be necessary...

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